-I was cleaning up one night after dinner when I noticed that Ziggy had left a plastic bowl in the living room. He frequently steals them and puts stuff in them and dumps them out and over and over again.
I asked him to bring me the bowl and pointed at it. He wandered around trying to figure out what I wanted. I tried being more specific and asking him to bring me the pink bowl, still pointing. He still walked back and forth, picking up random things and looking to me.
No joke, this went on for more than five minutes. I knew I should have just walked over and gotten it, but he was trying so hard to understand. I tried telling him to walk forward and stop right next to it, but that wasn’t working. Finally, I said, “Bring me the cereal holder.” He walked over, picked up the pink bowl and brought it to me.


-Ziggy’s latest thing is to pretend to fall over.  He repeatedly yells, “Kay!  Kay!  Kay!”  Which is my cue to ask, “Are you okay?”  He responds, “Yeah!” and will not get up until I say, “Okay!”  Then the game repeats… again and again…


-My Toddler is an M&M hoarder.  He gets M&Ms for making business in the potty.  He gets a couple for pee, and quite a few for poops.  Well, he’d done some serious stuff in his potty, so I let him have a toddler handful of M&Ms.  He ate a couple, and then I watched as he walked over and grabbed a small lunch bag.  He shoved most of the M&Ms into the bag and then stashed the bag into his toy box.


-Ziggy was sitting in my lap looking at my face.  He suddenly got a look of recognition on his face and screaming, “Ziggy in eye!” and proceeded to poke me in the eye.


-Ziggy’s latest thing is fist bumping and saying, “Man!” when you bump fists.  I die each and every time.


-Each year, I make the kids whatever they’d like for their birthday dinner.  This is the first year that Ziggy has been able to offer input for his.
Me- What do you want for your birthday dinner tomorrow?
Ziggy- Cookies!
Me- I don’t think we do cookies for dinner, even on birthdays.
Ziggy- Awww!


This was Ziggy’s face when he saw the video for Hippopotamus For Christmas on YouTube the other day.  His face did not change throughout the entire song!

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