– Ziggy is lactose intolerant, so if we give him anything with dairy, we have to give him Lactaid. He’s pretty good about remind us to give them to him before hand. He normally yells, “Please, don’t forget my ‘black toast’ pill!”



– We were leaving to take Ziggy to school one morning. As we backed out of the driveway, he announced, “I have 10 minutes to play on the horses!” I looked at the clock, and sure enough, it was 9:20. His favorite thing to do at school, before they have to line up, is ride a mini carousel with his friends. At 9:21, he proclaimed, “I have 9 minutes left to play on the horses!” I told him that he was correct, and I was proud of his math skills. We pulled into his school as the clock switched to 9:22, and he told us, “I now have 8 minutes left to ride the horses!”



– We ran into Target and were greeted by a life-sized cardboard cutout of Chewbacca. I want to get a picture of Ziggy standing with the Wookie. He was a bit apprehensive, as I snapped a picture. His apprehension quickly turned to terror when Chewy roared. Ziggy has announced that he never wants to return to Target, ever again.



– “A long time ago when I was in Mommy’s tummy, I saw her giant brain, and I saw some apples that she ate.”



– We have an older refrigerator and freezer in our garage. The freezer occasionally gets a buildup of ice in the bottom, and I delight in trying to remove it in as large a chunk as possible. It’s oddly satisfying to get it out in one block, and I always place it in the driveway to melt, and the kids touch it and step on it, and watch it. I’d removed one the other day, and because I’d managed to get it loosened without breaking it, it had taken some time, and my hands were very icy. I placed them on Ziggy’s back, and he yelled at me, “You have just made a very bad decision!”



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