– Ziggy and I were playing with small cars in the driveway. I happened to be sitting in a patch of shade near the sidewalk when a couple of high schoolers walked by. Ziggy ran screaming up to the house and hid behind a shrub. When he came back out, I asked him what on earth that was all about and he told me, “I am cute. They might have taken me. People take cute boys, then there’s no more Ziggy here, no more Ziggy for Mommy. I’d be stuck at their house forever.”



– Ziggy had been acting up and consequently lost a favorite toy. Later that day he told me, “You’re a bad person because you take things. You’d be a nice person if you didn’t take my stuff, even when I made bad boy decisions.”



– “What do you want to do today?” I asked Ziggy.
“Can we go to the Grand Canyon today?” He replied.
“No,” I explained. “It’s very, very far away from us.”
“Okay, next week then?”



– After I’d taken a favorite toy away from Ziggy for acting up, he proudly walked into the living room with it a short while later. “What are you doing with that?” I asked.
“You didn’t hide it very well.” He smirked.



– “If I’m going to be a villain, I’m going to be an angry villain.”



– While walking, we saw the ice cream truck. Due to being lactose intolerant, he has no idea what the ice cream truck is all about. He stopped walking and yelled, “Freeze! If we don’t move, he won’t see us. I don’t know what those other kids are doing at his truck, but it might not be good.”


I can almost never get a normal smile from him anymore!

I can almost never get a normal smile from him anymore!

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