– Ziggy walked up to me. “I have good news and bad news.”
I chuckled as I asked what his news was.
“Good news is, I love you. Bad news is I have boogers.”

Later that day…

“Mommy! I have good news and bad news.”
I started to grab a tissue anticipating the same response as earlier.
“Good news is, I love you. Bad news is, now I have to tickle you!” Which he did.


– Ziggy and I were sitting together. He’d say, “Mommy” and in response, I’d say, “Ziggy”. Back and forth. He then switched it up and told me to say “Mommy.” I told him that I don’t have a Mommy living anymore.
“But you do have babies!” He told me.
“Yes, I have three babies here.”
“You have way too many.”


– “Mommy! I’m going swimming!” Ziggy declared as he stood on a throw pillow in the living room and literally belly-flopped on the floor. He didn’t cry, but he didn’t go “swimming” anymore after that.


– Ziggy was dancing around the living room singing, “What does the fox say” when he decided to switch up the words and sing, “What does the Judy C say?”


– I was looking at old pictures with Ziggy when we came across some pregnancy pictures. “I glad I not in you belly anymore. It made me angry that you had no toys in there.” Sorry about that, kid. While looking at newborn pictures, “What happen to me? I was scary looking!”


– Everything with this toddler is “Why?’ and “Where’d you get dis?” Putting on socks…
“Because it’s cold.”
“Where’d you get dis sock?”
“Oh. Where’d you get dis sock?”
“Believe it or not, the same place.”

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