– Ziggy had taken one of GG’s old baby dolls. He carried it around and fed it. He played with it for a long time, and I proudly thought about how one day he’ll be a great father. He told me it was baby’s nap time and he sang “Rock a Bye Baby” to the baby as he rocked it. As he sang, “When da bough break, da baby will fall…” he slammed the doll down on the ground and walked away.



– Ziggy was playing a Endless Alphabet on a phone. I leaned over and said, “I love you and I want to tickle you!” He replied, “And I love you, but I’m playin’ my phone!”



– “You hurt?” Ziggy asked me.
“No, baby, I’m not hurt.” I answered.
“You have boo-boo?” He asked.
“Nope, no boo-boos.” I assured him.
“You sure?” I fink you do.” He said lifting my pajama pants and looking at my lower leg.
I did not have any boo-boos, but was curious, so I said, “Sure. There might be a boo-boo.”
“Good!” He ran and grabbed a book of stickers. He placed a bunch on my lower leg, like bandages, and after each one said, “That feel better?”



– Ziggy- What are we watchin’?
Me- This is How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
Ziggy- Wait. What? Someone gonna steal Critmas? I don’t know ’bout dis.



– My Dad made a small Christmas tote for me out of plastic canvas. Ziggy started walking around with it saying, “Happy Christmas! You put present in my bag?” The kid is still stuck on Trick or Treating, apparently.


Cake BatterWe made an eggless cake, so this was perfectly acceptable.ย  The older kids didn’t like it, so Ziggy got to lick the beater all by himself.ย  Consequently, we are best friends for life now.

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