Woolzies Dryer Balls and a Giveaway

I received Woolzies Dryer Balls to facilitate my review of the product. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

I have heard of wool dryer balls in the past, and have been curious about them.
I love how they can help dry your clothes in a shorter time, saving you money. Admittedly, my dryer is older, and sometimes heavier items of clothings are still slightly damp after full cycle. I was thrilled when I was sent a package of Woolzies Dryer Balls to try out. I like how they soften clothes naturally since I have kids with sensory issues. I also like that they help get rid of wrinkles naturally, because I don’t think I own an iron. I used store bought dryer sheets from time to time, but as an overtired mommy, it was hard, one kid likes dryer sheets, another doesn’t… I’d hear complaints if I got confused and threw a dryer sheet in the wrong kid’s laundry, or forgot it in the other’s. I like also that they reduce static, because there’s nothing worses than an accidental shock between kids breaking out into a full-blown shock war.
I was a little worried about using them in Speed’s laundry because his skin is sensitive to wool, but luckily he hasn’t had any issues.
I was a little worried that they’d clunk around in my dryer, especially since my husband works night shift, and sleeps days. Our laundry room is right down the hall from our bedroom, so I couldn’t have my laundry routine keeping him awake. Luckily, they are pretty quiet.


I am thrilled with my Woolzies Dryer Balls. I love having a natural alternative to smelly chemical-filled dryer sheets. Also, because I’m not having to run my dryer for more than one cycle for some loads of laundry, hopefully my power bill will be lower!

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