Woah… is it Tuesday already?

Speed had another loose tooth, and we did have some drama similar to last time.  He kept making excuses about why he couldn’t pull it and wouldn’t let anyone near his mouth.  It dangled there for days.  We couldn’t understand how it was still there.  It stayed in his mouth despite brushing and eating.  I gave him hard foods, chewy foods.  It stayed put despite the fact that it was just barely there.
One day I was telling him that he’d have to pull it eventually.  He looked me dead in the eye and said, “If I pull it, my gums will be showing.  We’re not allowed to have gum in school.”
He did say he wanted to try the “string trick”.  Hubby Man tied a string to his tooth, and Speed just randomly kept gently pulling it… more like running his fingers down the thread.  He sat there for quite awhile with this long red string hanging from his mouth.  The string slid up, and was at the top of his tooth.  Even if he had a change of heart, there was no way we could untie it.  He sat on the love seat, and I stood behind it, leaning over on one side of him.  I quietly talked to him about the weekend, and Sponge Bob, and what a great big brother he is… so many things.  While I was doing that, Hubby Man snuck up on the other side of him, reached down and gave the  string a quick little tug.  The tooth fell into his lap, Speed reached for his mouth and screamed, “It’s gone!  It fell out!  Oh, hey… that didn’t hurt!”
He walked proudly around the house with gauze in his mouth non-stop gabbing about his tooth, and it not hurting, and the tooth fairy.
He has been showing off to anyone and everyone he can.

Friday, my daughter was in a talent show.  I got all teary.  Part of it was the fact that I am amazed at how much some of the kids have grown up.  It’s just crazy to see how much they’ve all changed.
There was some amazing talent… musical, comedy, skits.  I did miss a lot of it because the room was filled over capacity, and it was so hot.  Bam had a hard time with that, and Speed was overly stimulated.  Hubby and I alternated as to who was staying to watch and who would step outside.  We did both get to see GG’s performances.
I also alternated between wearing Bam, and picking Speed up.  He did well at holding himself together, but I knew that he was having a hard time.  He is considerably heavier than the last time I picked him up!

After the show, my parents took the older two with them so they could spend the weekend there.  My lucky ducks got to go to Sea World.  I was jealous.  I love Sea World, but was happy for them.  They had a great time.

I enjoyed my time with just Bam.  It was the two of us.  We relaxed and napped, and just enjoyed the quiet.

Monday I had another doctor’s appointment to follow up with the tests I had.  They all came back normal.  I’ve lost even more weight, and everyone is still baffled.
I’m finding a new neurologist who will hopefully listen to me, and switch my meds.  I’ll see him in a week and a half.  Hopefully that’ll  solve my issues, and life will return to normal.  Or at least as normal as my life can get!  😛

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