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I normally don’t put too much thought into my posts. I know that friends and family read my blog, and I don’t mind. I’m a family friendly blogger, but I don’t censor myself too much. It is my blog, and I write about what’s on my mind.
That being said, there have been a few topics that I’ve considered writing about and sharing. Personal topics. A lot of people know that I’ve been through some pretty rough things in my life and I’ve thought about sharing them, not only as a therapeutic writing session for myself, but to maybe help others who may be, or may have been in similar situations.
I haven’t written those posts. I’m not sure I can. One of my loyal readers is my daughter. I love that GG takes an interest in my blog, and my thoughts. She often reads back several months at a time, re-reading old posts. Speed also sometimes reads OvertiredMommy. I do love that my kids read my blog. It has inspired them to start there own blogs, Speed is into blogging more than GG.

I’ve been through some pretty rough stuff in my life, and while my kids know this, I’m not sure I want them to read just how bad things were at times. I don’t shelter them from things in life, but I think it might be a bit hard for them to learn details about some of my situations. I am there mom, and they are my young kids. I’ve survived the loss of a parent, multiple miscarriage, domestic violence and more. It’s some pretty heavy stuff, and my kids are sensitive.

I feel like I’m somewhat stuck… I want to share, but I don’t want my children to read those posts. I can’t forbid them from reading just those posts because I know that GG would likely go back in a few months and read them anyway.

I don’t know, maybe someday I’ll write and share the posts and my experiences, but for now I guess I’ll continue as I am.

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4 thoughts on “Who reads my blog

  1. I agree that you should wait. Maybe write on paper so that you can get it out of your head for now. I am sure if they don’t already know it, they have a wonderful mother that loves them! She is a remarkable woman that has not let her past define her, yet has overcome many situations to become a stronger person! I feel blessed to know you and see the progression of Judy through this life!

    • Awww! Thank you sweetie! You’ve made me all teary. I am so blessed to have had such wonderful friends throughout it all. xoxo

  2. Hi- I had that dilemma too, & solved it by starting another blog that is completely private. No one knows about it & no one can get into it unless I send them an invitation. If you go on Blogger, there’s a privacy setting where you can select private. It helps me to get stuff out of my head so I can focus on current problems. And I can vent all I want:)

    • Hi! That’s a really great idea. I want to be able to get things out, and not have to worry about the kids stumbling upon it on my blog, or in my handwritten journals! (that’s happened!) Thanks!

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