While the Kids are away, Mommy will clean!

So, I took a couple days “off”. My older two left for the weekend, leaving just me and the baby. I would have loved to have just relaxed, but I had a job to do. I’d been threatening it for awhile, and knew it was time for action. I told both the elders that I was going to clean their rooms. Speed’s room… Legos everywhere, I could neither open nor close his closet doors. I’d asked him to clean his room and his solution was to shove everything in his closet and lean on the doors. There were race tracks and such stuck under and in the sides of the doors and who knows what all else.
I dragged Bam’s bouncer in and dumped toy boxes. I grabbed a box of black giant lawn sized garbage bags and some white kitchen bags and got to business… garbage into the black bags and donate stuff into the white bags. Bam happily watched and played with some of his brothers toys and let me work for more than two hours. No joke, and I still wasn’t done. By this point, it was late, and the baby was hungry, so we went downstairs to eat, Bam went to sleep and I cleaned my kitchen and watched some Supernatural.
Saturday, I did a lot more work in Speed’s room. His closet is done! Woo! I still have piles of books to be sorted through, and piles of what do I do with this, a pile of what on earth is this, and his laundry needs to be folded and put away. I did a lot in there and feel quite accomplished. I actually may change his sheets a couple days early too.
I moved the bouncer into GG’s room. We walked in, I found a little head in GG’s closet and walked out.
Bam and I headed (no pun intended) back up after lunch. I got a bunch of work done in the afternoon. I got rid of a bunch of clothes that I know don’t fit her anymore. Unfortunately, GG’s room isn’t as fun as Speed’s, so Bam does not have the patience to sit here for a couple hours.
Sunday, I got quite a bit done in GG’s room and took a break. I enjoyed spending time with my Husband and Bam, and ultimately decided that it was okay to just let the elder kids finish their rooms on their own. I worked long and hard on their rooms, and getting caught up on laundry that they’d had hidden under their beds and in their closets.
Hubby, Bam and I had a nice day together that involved a nap for the Overtired Mommy, and a nice evening that involved some tasty burgers.
Monday the elders are off for a teacher planning day, so this afternoon we went to pick them both up and treated them both to some Cold Stone Creamery, which they both enjoyed.
So here we are, once again… my home is full and loud and I love it! My only regret is that I did not make it to the Goodwill donation box yet, and I fear the elders will poke around to see what I deemed donate-worthy!

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