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I got hubby an early birthday gift… a Roku box. He’d been talking about getting one for awhile, but he hates buying things got himself, so I figured it would be a perfect birthday idea.
We were at Target a couple weeks ago, and they were on sale. I’m kind of clueless about them, so even though I had wanted him to be surprised, I told him to pick one out.

So far, we’re enjoying it. We have the free trials for Netflix and Hulu Plus. We’re debating getting rid of cable and Subscribing to one or both permanently. We actually get free basic cable service with our home owners association, so we’d just be losing our extended channels and our HD channels.
Since we got the Roku, I’ve only turned on the cable box a couple times, so I don’t really see it affecting me all that much.
With a week of a sick baby, I’ve watch through season 4 of Breaking Bad. Since there are no more episodes for me to watch on the Roku, I’m looking for show recommendations.
I’ve started watching Sons of Anarchy. I know I’m a little late on this, but lots of my friends watch, so I figured it might be worth watching.

So, dear Overtired Readers, any must see show recommendations?

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