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We buy a lot of breakfast breads here.  Seriously.  I buy a minimum of 4-5 packages of bagels a week, and I occasionally throw in a package or two of English muffins.
My husband loves bagels, and Bam often has a bagel for breakfast in the morning.  My older two actually use whole wheat bagels to make their sandwiches for lunch.  It’s more filling than sandwich bread, and according to them, it’s more fun.  They also don’t have to worry about soggy sandwiches anymore!

kids favorites

These are the bagels that my kids like me to buy so they can use them to make their sandwiches for lunch.

I love the selection of breakfast breads at my local Walmart.  In the bakery, with the regular sliced breads and even in the refrigerated section, there is a wide variety of bagels and English muffins to choose from.  My husband prefers Thomas’ Bagels, while my older children prefer Lenders.  The baby hasn’t yet developed a preference, and will eat whatever is presented to him.  I generally don’t purchase other brands because I don’t want them to sit on the counter for a week if no one likes them.  We tend to stick to brands we know.

breakfast breads

I love some English muffins for breakfast!

I’d already done my grocery shopping earlier in the week, so I’d already picked up 4 packages of bagels for the week, but this I got chosen for this perfect shopportunity, I picked out some English muffins.  I figured some cinnamon raisin would be a tasty little breakfast, and I picked up some honey wheat.  I also picked up some Sara Lee mini blueberry bagels for Bam to try out.  I figured the mini bagels would be the perfect size for him.
Since I’d already gone shopping, my husband and two boys (Speed was a lucky boy who had a half day of school!) and I didn’t have much to pick up aside from some bagels, English muffins, some apples and some fever reducer for the baby who has been sick.
I did notice that Walmart was having a lot of sales on a variety of bagels, so that was handy!  I did take a few minutes to browse the tasty treats in the bakery.  While I was looking at the bagels, the muffins and donuts definitely caught my eye!


You can view my whole shopping experience here with my Google + Story.

I thought a fun idea might be to place some sliced ham into a muffin tin cup and crack an egg into each cup.  I baked them (after puncturing the yolks) for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  I toasted the English muffins, and we sandwiched our ham and egg cups in them.  It was something fun and different, and the kids loved it.  The honey ham was perfect with the honey wheat English muffins.

tasty breakfast

Yummy baked ham and egg cups with English muffins

I love sending my kids off for the day knowing that they have a nutritious and filling meals in their tummies.  I want to feed them something that I know will carry them through to lunch.  I would hate to think of them sitting in class, unable to concentrate due to hunger.

I know that they’ll be filled and satisfied when I buy a variety of breakfast breads from Walmart.



This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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