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Disclosure- I received a product sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.



I love monthly subscription boxes. It’s so fun to get a box delivered to your door, not knowing what’s inside, but knowing you’ll love it. It’s like a birthday gift without getting another year older!

I was offered to try a box from Wantable, and was thrilled. The only hard part was choosing which type of box. Wantable offers Makeup boxes, Accessories boxes, Intimates boxes and even a Halloween box. The decision was definitely not an easy one.
In the end, I went with the makeup box. I filled out a quick beauty quiz letting the folks at wantable know what I like, and let me tell you, it was hard to not check that I love everything.
They personally match your style with each box, and each box is valued at $80 and up.

Shipping was super fast, which was awesome.

To say I was thrilled with my box is an understatement.

makeup subscription

I got a fabulous Cailyn Cosmetics lip pot in Dolce Vita. The color is mild, and great for everyday wear. The ultra moisturizing formula keeps my lips so soft.

lip pot

I also received a Lise Watier Solo Eyeshadow Powder in Prune Mat. It’s so versatile, I can go with a casual day translucent look, or a more opaque look. I love the color, while it’s darker than my normal daily neutrals, it’s not dark enough to intimidate me from using it regularly. This color is so great that I’ve caught my teen eying it a couple times.

solo eyeshadow

I love the Michael Marcus Eyeshadow Secret. It is most definitely now a part of my daily makeup routine. This color is nice and so subtle. It also lasts all day long, even when I’ve been (accidentally) rubbing my allergy eyes!

eyeshadow secret.

I also got a Manna Kadar Lash Primer. I’d never actually tried a lash primer before, so I was pretty excited to give it a try. I love how much more full my lashes look when I apply this before my mascara. It also conditions my lashes which wins big point in my book. A little secret of mine, that I hate… my lashes seem to fall out super easy. Sometimes at night when I remove my makeup, I fear I’m going to lose them all. The fall out rate has been significantly less since I started using this. I keep meaning to put some on alone at night, just to condition my lashes.

lash primer

I am crazy about good make up brushes. Seriously, finding a good brush makes me unbelievably happy. I was so happy when I saw a new brush in my box. I got a Japonesque Travel Smudger Brush. I absolutely love this brush, and use it daily. I love it for blending colors, and it’s great for applying color to the crease of your eyelid.

smudger brush

I also received a sample of Skiin Instant Skin Tightener and Line Filler. I have to say, I’m getting older, and the constant scowl of my youth did not do kind things to my forehead. The lines and wrinkles are not something that I enjoy. While I have considered injectables, I’m not sure if I could actually ever go through with it. I love how Skiin makes my face look smoother.

instant skin tightener & line filler


One of the best things about Wantable is the fact that when your friends sign up, you get credits for free products!

I absolutely love everything that came in my Wantable.com box. Given how perfect the contents were, I’m considering checking out the Accessories Box and the Intimates Box.

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