Update on Ziggy

Over a month after hitting his face on my bed, he still had a bruise and it was quite swollen. I called and made him an appointment, just to make sure that everything was okay. I’d been hesitant in bringing him in before because I didn’t want him exposed to germs since he is my kid who is constantly sick. His face wasn’t hurting him unless someone was touching it to see if it still hurt. At the doctor’s office, I was reassured that I did not do permanent damage to my sweet baby’s face by not bringing him in earlier. I was told, as a matter of fact, if I had brought him in that day or the next, there wouldn’t have been a solitary thing that they could have, or would have done. I was reassured that my baby’s sweet face wasn’t broken, but he does have a hematoma. It would take 6 months to a year to go away, or it could calcify, and it would be there forever. At that point we could look into plastic surgery, which would be more likely covered as a child than as an adult. That all transpired a few weeks ago, and the swelling has gone down a bit more, and it doesn’t hurt him at all. We’ll just continue to keep an eye on him, and discuss what we’ll do in the future.

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