2014 is going pretty well. The kids are back in school, and both are starting and looking into new extracurriculars. My daughter was upset to learn that her drama teacher is taking her first half of the year maternity leave and turning it into full-time stay-at-home-mom status, so the drama program at her school will be discontinued indefinitely this year, so that’s why she’s looking into something new.

Poor Speed has been sick. Last week he had a yucky cough and nasty sneezes, and as soon as that cleared up, he was hit with an upset stomach. Of course, because he’s so kind and giving, now I have tummy troubles. Hopefully this will pass soon, because, ugh! Mommy’s are not supposed to be sick.

I need to get better and find my motivation because I really want to start my spring cleaning. I’ve started becoming okay with getting rid of baby gear, and have tons of stuff to be donated.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better, or much coffee will be consumed, because I have much to do!

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