Tis The Season

I’m not one of those people to venture out on Thanksgiving, or Black Friday in search of deals. I do look at the deals, and sometimes if my husband gets off work early enough, he’ll venture to a store or two, but we don’t go crazy. I ventured out for Black Friday one time, years ago, it was anxiety inducing, and not something I’d willingly put myself through again.
Not to mention that I’ve found bigger deals by just waiting. Last year I found a gift for Ziggy that was normally $80. It kept getting marked down. Each time I went to the store, the price was lower and lower. A week before Christmas, It was down to $30. I decided that it was a good enough deal, so I snagged it.

Normally, I am that shopper that waits until the last week before Christmas. I’m indecisive and I like finding good deals, and I’m indecisive. I end up wandering stores days before Christmas, overwhelmed by the crowds and the choices, wishing I’d not procrastinated.

This year, thanks in part to a bunch of Amazon Gift Codes, I got a jump on my holiday shopping. I’ve even picked up a few things in store here and there. It’s amazing to me that it’s not even December, and I’m almost completely done with one child. I am about half way done with another child, and have purchased a few things for my third child. I’ve also purchased a few things for my husband. I do still need to figure out other family members, but a lot of pressure is off, since I’ve done quite a bit already. I just need to hope that I don’t slack off due to the fact that I’ve done a lot, which could always happen, and then I’ll be wandering the stores days before Christmas overwhelmed with the crowds and choices… again.

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