Three-Day Weekend

I love having my older two kids home with me. I enjoy weekends and I enjoy school vacations. I really do. The one thing that I do not enjoy, however, is 3-day weekends. They always throw me for a loop. I’m always nice, usually on Saturday night, and let my older two stay up way too late, particularly if they are being good. Around 11 pm, I somewhat panic, remembering that Speed cannot stay up late. Seriously, if he is up after 10 pm, he is a bear the next day. He has multiple meltdowns over everything. GG gets mean when she’s lacking sleep, so on 3-day weekend Sundays, she lives to torment Speed. She knows just how to push his buttons, and she does. Repeatedly. She intentionally bothers him all day, and he spends all day screaming and flipping out over every single thing she does. By Sunday afternoon, I’m already wishing for bedtime, and dreading the fact that we still have another day off for them to terrorize each other.
When she isn’t annoying him endlessly, he decides that a little payback is in order and bothers her.
Separating them and sending them to their rooms doesn’t work because their bedrooms are right next to each other. I hear one open their door, knock on the other’s door, and run back into their room, slamming the door. When the other confronts them, they deny it, after all, how could they possibly knock when their door is closed. This knocking game continues for up to a half an hour, or until I get tired of all the loud knocking and door slamming.
I love them dearly, but 3-day weekends are brutal.

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