Things That People Do That Annoy Me

I don’t normally make posts like this. Maybe I’m just feeling snarky this week, but it seems like the world is out to annoy me to no end. I’ve compiled a list of annoyances, because, seriously people…

– Spitting out their gum where ever the heck they feel like. I am not even joking you. I was at Walmart, and looking at folding tables. All of a sudden Ziggy started yelling, “Yuck!” Someone had stuck their chewed up gum on one of the folding tables, and my son had stuck his finger in said chewed up gum. Yeah. I became a lunatic, ranting about stupid gum chewers while scrubbing my son with Boogie Wipes and hand sanitizer.

– Certain motorcyclists. They’re usually on sports bikes. Now, no, I’m not saying all bikers are like this. We used to own a Harley, and I have many friends who ride, both sports bikes and cruisers. What makes me insane is the younger people on bikes who swerve in and out of traffic, cutting cars off, going way too fast. They usually have bald tires from burning out their tires so much. Also their license plates are usually pushed at an angle so they’re not visible, in case their being stupid. Young people think their invincible, but they’re not. They think bad things won’t happen to them, but it can.

– Along those same, but opposite lines, drivers who do not pay attention to responsible motorcyclists around them. Hubby and I used own a Harley, and while cruising along, I have no idea how many people would try to just change lanes into us, without looking, nearly hitting us. Drivers don’t realize that motorcycles are going faster than they appear, so they pull out in front of them, or they just don’t look at all.

*I don’t mean to offend anyone with the previous two annoyances, but as some of you know, I lost one of my best friends because of a motorcycle. I’ve lost other friends as well, due to motorcycle accidents, and the pain is unreal. It’s so unexpected, and so shocking to lose someone so young, when it doesn’t need to happen.

– People ahead of me in line at a sandwich shop who order their one sandwich and then say, “Yeah, that it. Oh, wait. Hold on…” Then proceed to pull out a cell phone and call someone, read off the entire menu twice and tell them all their options for vegetables three times and order nine more sandwiches. I understand being courteous of friends and family, but what about everyone else in line behind you? Take orders before you arrive, or pay for your sandwich, make your call and step to the end of the line. Thanks. I get hangry and don’t want to deal with your indecisive girlfriend, or a bad cell signal.

– Stopping at an intersection and ignoring the fact that the brightly lit sign says “No Right Turn On Red” and turning right on red, and ignoring the fact that there are pedestrians in the crosswalk, who have the right of way, nearly hitting them, and then flipping them off.

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