They Make Me Chuckle

My kids are always saying and doing the funniest things to crack me up, here are a few gems from recently.


Speed and I were, for some reason, discussing my blog.  More specifically we were talking about my domain name.

Speed- So, you’re the Overtired Mommy?
Me- I sure am!
Speed- Huh…  Well, I guess it’s a good thing that all the other mommies in the world aren’t tired then!

Yes, all you other Mommies out there sure are lucky you’re not tired!  Ha ha ha!



We picked Speed up from school and he seemed to be asking endless questions about every little thing.
Me-  Are you filled with 3 million questions?
Speed- What?
Me- You seem to be filled with questions today about everything.
Speed- What do you mean?
Hubby- You’ve answered her with two questions.
Speed-  What?  Why would I do that?
GG-  You just did it again.

This continued for quite some time, all his replies were in question form.  The funniest thing was he wasn’t doing it on purpose.



Speed-  I wonder if Santa Fe is the name of Santa’s sleigh?
GG- No, that’s the name of one of Columbus’ ships.
Speed- NO!  That’s the Santa Maria!


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