“The word no is a complete sentence.” What does this phrase mean to you?

Day 4 of the 31 Days of Writing Prompts

I am a Mom, and I have a preschooler. Many times when they ask me questions, my answer is simply “No.” Sometimes when they question further, I’ll add an “Because I said so.” or “Because I’m your Mother, that’s why.”

I am lucky in that my daughter is pretty understanding, and she knows that if I tell her, “no”, I have reasons, usually good reasons, so she rarely questions me about it, and just accepts it for what it is.

My older son always asks why, and is rarely ever happy with my reasoning, even if it’s a legitimate reason. He gets disappointed and upset, making telling him no a stressful situation!

My younger son also always asks why. His reaction to my no can go either way. He can either get really upset, and because he’s still learning impulse control, he sometimes has meltdowns with kicking, hitting and spitting. We’re working on it. He has good days and he has bad days. And I think that the good days are starting to outnumber the bad, so yay! If he doesn’t get ragey, my no always requires an explanation. My responses always lead to more questions, meaning he can ask one thing, and 45 minutes later we are still in the same discussion, although sometimes we veer off topic and it’s comical to me the tangents that we get on. I love seeing how his little mind works.

Needless to say, frequently in my world, no is a complete sentence! Can you moms agree?

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