The Importance of Watermarking

I recently wrote a post about my own personal experience with a crazy person I’d chatted with on the internet, who flew to another country just to meet me. There are whackadoodles all over the world wide web, and I’ve been reminded of that once again quite recently.

I watermark my photos in photoshop, but I’ve always done it out of the way so as to not take away from the subject of the photo. I’m done with that though. From now on, watermarks will be in an area where they can’t easily be cropped out or edited out of my photos.

I had one of those moments of worry where I debated removing all pictures of my children, which I have done before, but they’re already out there. My kids are on Google, and Pinterest, and Instagram and everywhere. Incidentally, my Instagram is now private, and I’m also watermarking those photos with an app from here on out.

I’ve been reading too much on the internet about stolen photos. Mainly, Shawntae from A Little King and I who had a photo of her son stolen from her blog or another social media site, and it was put on a shirt and sold in Brazil. She never granted permission for this, and has not received any compensation for use of her image. She has been pursuing the issue in order to figure out where the shirts are being sold, and which company stole her son’s photo. The model who was wearing the shirt hasn’t been helpful at all for whatever foolish reason.
I’ve also heard a lot of stories recently about crazy women stealing photos of children and claiming that they are their own children.  Who does this?  It’s scary and it’s not right.

Stealing photos isn’t nice. If you see photos you like, search out the owner. Maybe they’ll let you use them. Maybe they’ll want compensation or credit. It may take a little work on your part, but it’s only right.

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