The Birth of Bambino!

Just a warning that parts of this entry are graphic, and may be considered Too Much Information, but such is birth.  I’ve warned you, so if you don’t want to read about stuff like that, turn back now!  :)So, on October 25th, I had an appointment with my perinatologist.  I’d been having lots of contractions, and was so unbearably uncomfortable, I was thinking they’d sent me across the street to the hospital, and we brought my bag just in case.  The doctor checked me, and there was very little change from the previous week… I was 2 cm dilated, and either 65 or 80 % effaced (Hubby heard 65, I heard 80…) and the baby was at -2 station.  I was frustrated because I was convinced that I’d made more progress than that.I went home, and went to the bathroom… Too Much Info warning!!  And there was a considerable amount of blood.  I was unsure as to whether it was anything, or just spotting from being checked, though I never spot that much.  I decided to keep an eye on it, and it continued much of the night.  The next morning I woke up, and it had pretty much stopped, so I went about my day.  I started some laundry despite having crazy contractions.  I was about to load the dishwasher went I paid another visit to the restroom.  The bleeding was back, and quite heavy again.  I put in a call to my doctor to find out if they thought maybe it was spotting, or labor… it was also somewhat mucous-y.  I never lost my mucous plug with my other two, so I was really clueless.  I stepped outside to let my husband, who was doing yard work, know that I’d called.  I sat and waited for a call back.  I flooded twitter with nervous tweets.  Hubby came in and took a shower while I still waited for a call back, and packed up some clothes for the kids who were in school.  At the one hour mark, I put in another call.  I’d just decided to say forget it and go to the hospital when they finally called back and told me to go in if it kept up.  I followed my instincts and went immediately anyway.  The bleeding was consistent, and the contractions were quite painful, and were less than 10 minutes apart.  I was afraid of that hour long drive to the hospital, so we left.We got to the hospital, and it was crazy busy.  There were 5 of us pregnant women, in labor just waiting in the waiting room.  Finally triage was available and I got called back… yay!  I gave a urine sample, and got hooked up to the monitors and waited.  And waited.  And waited.I got checked and was at 4cm.  My doctor asked what I wanted to go, if I wanted to be induced, or wait.  I again, followed my instincts and decided to be induced.  My doctor was hesitant because I was only 38 weeks, and he doesn’t like to induce before 39 weeks, but decided to go ahead since my older son was born at 36 weeks and was perfectly fine.The nursing STUDENTS came in to hook up an IV… they were also supposed to draw blood, but they were unsure of what was to be drawn, so they put in the IV and decided to wait.  Now, the one chick is poking and prodding and wiggling the needle around as it’s in my arm.  Then the other one couldn’t get the cap package open, so seriously… I am gushing blood all over the bed while they try to get stuff open and figure out what’s going on.  I don’t mind needles, but this was freaking insane!  (Oh yeah… 4 weeks later the site is still bruised!)  So I’m bleeding all over the bed, and they finally get the cap package open and put it on the IV, then the nurse comes in.  They put the wrong freaking cap on, so it had to come off so they could put the right one on.  *scream*I got transferred over to Labor and Delivery and they came in to do an ultrasound.  T went out to get my bag and stuff while I waited for him.  The plan was ultrasound, epidural, then maybe pitocin.  While hubby was out they did the epidural since no one was allowed in the room then anyway.  I’m not sure if it was because he wasn’t there or what, but I was freaking the heck out.  I was shaking so bad and could NOT relax.  I kept jumping, and was just freaking out.  They finally got it in ans hubby was allowed back in.  I was shown how to push the button on the pump if I needed more meds.My water was broken, and there was tons of amniotic fluid.  Tons.  I was soaking through towels every 5 minutes.  So there was no concerns about my fluid being low!  We made all the calls and sent all the texts we needed to.  I updated on twitter and was thrilled to use #twitterbirth!The epidural really started to freak me out, my legs went numb… I knew they would as they did with my other two.  My hands also went numb.  It really truly scared me, so I decided that I was done with the epidural, even though it was working for the pain.My doctor decided that even though I was having contractions she wanted an internal monitor so we could see just how strong they were.I was getting anxious because I knew she wanted to go home, and said she wasn’t leaving until I had the baby.  I was so afraid because I knew she was getting antsy and feared she’d decide that I should have a c-section just to get it over with.My parents and my stepsister showed up and we all hung out for a bit.  My Dad kept one eye on the monitor for my contractions.  It was ironic because there was an episode of Frazier on the tv, and one of the characters was on a table in labor.  Ha ha ha!So I’m visiting with my family and I’m noticing that with every single contraction I was having uncontrollable gas.  Nice, huh?  Labor and birth are a beautiful thing.  So this put the fear of a severe gas attack at my doctor during birth in me.  Added with the fear of pooping while giving birth.  Good times.  My doctor came in to check me because she’d been watching my contractions increase in intensity and frequency, which I knew from my bouts of gas.  I asked my family to go get hubby who was in the waiting room due to the restrictions of 3 visitors in L&D.  He came in and my doctor checked me an announced that I was just about there.  There was only a lip left, and it wouldn’t be an issue so it was time.  T made sure the room was cleared, and we got the party started.It didn’t take long.  I didn’t have a gas attack or poop.  I did tear, and I knew when I did.  I felt it all thanks to cutting off the epidural earlier.  It was an amazing feeling, though… completely feeling my son come into this world.When his head came out, there was a sudden urgency in my husband’s and my doctor’s voices for me to push.  I heard the doctor say something about a double nuchal something… I got scared, unsure of what she was talking about.  I was aware that something was wrong as she yanked my son from my body.  He was grey and not crying.  I wasn’t sure if he was breathing or not.  I was terrified.  More terrified than I’ve ever been before in my life.  The cord was wrapped around his little neck twice.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as relieved as I was when he let out a little squeak and the doctor immediately placed him on my bare chest, but not before he peed on me.  (What is it with my boys being born and immediately peeing on me?!?!)  He squeaked as we lay chest to chest, flesh to flesh.  I cried tears of joy, tears of relief.There was a moment of humor when my placenta was delivered and the doctor and my foot were soaked in a gush of even more fluid.The nurse took him after a few minutes to get his apgar scores, and so he could be weighed and measured… he was 7lbs exactly and 19 3/4 inches long.  I was amazed that his apgar scores were perfect.My family came in to ooh and ahh over Bambino.  We again made calls and sent out texts to announce our new arrival.I got transferred to my Mother-Baby Suite, and got to push the button on my way that played the Lullaby song throughout the hospital to announce a new arrival.  I cried.By the time we got to our Suite, it was 11pm.  We ordered room service, which I was thrilled about because all I’d had to eat all day long was a half a brownie.  I had a gooey cheeseburger and fries.  Yum.I really truly felt great.  I declined all pain killers because I didn’t need them.  I felt fantastic.  Bambino nursed for a few minutes.The nurse came in to take Bambino to the nursery for his first bath with Hubby, and to check his blood sugar… because of my gestational diabetes, they needed to check the baby every 3 hours for the first 24 hours of his life.That night I didn’t get much sleep.  The baby never woke to nurse, and he’s a very noisy sleeper.  He kept squeaking and grunting all night long, and with every noise he made I would jump up to check on him.The next morning I gave nursing him another try while hubby went to get me a drink.  The baby didn’t nurse much and started vomiting, and choking.  It scared the crap out of me.  The nurse assured me, or tried to, that it was just amniotic fluid, and he was okay.  It was normal.  He was fine.I also discovered that he had a shoulder injury from his fast birth and being pulled from me.  The pediatrician feared that he might have nerve damage, and might need physical therapy, and hopefully we’d be able to avoid surgery.My older two came in to visit.  I was thrilled to see them and missed them so much.  I swear, my older son looked about a foot taller!  My older son was a little scared at first, of the tiny baby, and of hurting me.  My daughter was proud and so loving.Later that day the pain did start to set in.  The cramps while nursing were killer, and I did end up taking motrin and tylenol.Hubby and I spent much of the day (and our nights) snuggling in the bed together, hey, even being in a hospital can’t keep us apart.  ♥The next day the pediatrician came in to check Bambino.  He said he saw a definite improvement in his arm… about 30%.He wrote up the paperwork to discharge Bambino.  My doc came in to go over everything with me and asked if I wanted to go home… what a question!  Later that afternoon I was discharged.We got home, and things were great.  Hubby had taken a week off from work, and it was so nice to have him with me.  He took care of me and was so helpful with our new baby.  I was really sad when he had to go back to work, I still miss him.  When he went back to work, my stepmother came over and she stayed with me, helping out around the house and helping out with the baby, and that was quite nice also.Unfortunately during this time, I started having my focalized seizures again.  I ended up having a grande mal seizure, which was so upsetting.  I hadn’t had one since 2004.  My neurologist had me come in.  He upped my med dosage, started me on another additional medication, and also prescribed another heavy duty medication.  I never took that though since I didn’t know how it would affect me, or the baby since I am nursing him.  Also at this point, everyone had returned to work, so it was just me, the baby and my two older kids.  I had too much responsibility to be whacked out of my gourd from a new med.I am starting to feel better, I’m actually eating (my appetite had virtually disappeared), and my life is starting to feel somewhat normal.The baby is doing great.  He’s starting to gain weight at a good rate, the jaundice is clearing up.  We do have issues with lots of spitting up.  We think that maybe he had reflux.  I’m also cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that helps him.  I don’t want to stop breastfeeding.  It’s not so fun to feed him and sit up with him upright for an hour afterward, especially for those middle of the night feedings, but I still really do not want to stop breastfeeding, that would truly break my heart.  To me, breastfeeding is worth the lack of sleep.We are all doing great though.  Both kids love their baby brother, and are so helpful with him.  They get things that I need for him, get me snacks and water when I’m nursing him, they sing to him when he’s upset, they are just so incredible with him, and I am so grateful for my three wonderful children!  ♥Oh, and he was born on Auntie Hope’s birthday!  Love you, Sissy!

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  1. I was born on my aunts birthday and loved it! We did something special for each other for years. I really appreciate your sharing this. It’s been 25 years since I had a baby, I’m a happy grandmother now at 49, :). But it’s very sweet to hear how everything went and worked out for you and the baby. I’m happy I found you through Blog Frog and facebook. I wasn’t able to breast feed, there were problems with my milk. Thanks for sharing, and it wasn’t tmi really. If you’ve had a baby you’ve had the same kinda things happen and had the same worries about gas and poop, lol! Angela

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