Teaching Kids Gratitude

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When I was asked to work with Pley, they offered some prompt suggestions. This one kept drawing my attention. I continuously felt pulled toward it. I have been incredibly blessed with my three children. They’ve never really begged for a lot of toys. We’ve never had meltdowns in toy aisles over toys that they just had to have. My kids, of course, have toys they desire, but with three kids on one income, we can’t indulge every single thing they want. Frankly, we wouldn’t even want to.
We make a list of household jobs for our kids to do. It’s a first come, first serve system, so whomever would like the opportunity to earn some money better jump on that list! We encourage them to save up their money for something that they really want. They work hard, and save their earnings, and it pays off. They learn valuable lessons. I’m actually quite proud of them, and their diligence. Currently, my 15 year old daughter is saving up for a car, of course. My 11 year old is saving up for video games and other electronics. Ziggy doesn’t really have anything in mind at this moment, and is just happy letting his money accumulate.
I’ve been very fortunate that they don’t always feel the need to have the latest and greatest of whatever their friends have. They are so understanding, and reasonable when we have to say no. A large part of that is that they understand that there are kids out there who have a lot less than they do. I am constantly reminding them of their blessings. Additionally, when we get rid of toys, I do ask them about some of their bigger items, and if they’d like to donate them to a child who has similar interests, but may not be fortunate enough to have that particular item. They always readily agree.

One fantastic thing about Pley is you can rent the toys to be sure that your children’s interests will last. Many times, I’ve bought a ton of toys and a short while later, after I’ve spent a ton of money, the next thing comes along, and my kids are no longer interested in the original items. With Pley, we can rent hot toys, and return them any time my child is ready, whether they’re uninterested, or they’re ready for the next toy to be shipped to our door.

Pley has an incredible assortment of toys, ranging from building toys, to doll clothes, to electronic toys and more!


Right now, you can enter to win $500 worth of educational toys for your school. Pley is launching their first I Love My School Contest, so the students at your favorite school can hopefully win some of the most fun educational toys on the market.
The elementary school with the most nominations will win.
Deadline for entry is March 25, 2016.

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  1. That sounds like a really practical idea. It sounds like it would be great for my son. There are some toys he plays with often, but then there are some he only plays with for a short time. This would be a good way to try them out first.

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