Suspicious Minds

I am naturally an un-trusting, highly suspicious person. I kind of hate that about myself, but maybe it’s not all bad.

Today, I was sitting with Ziggy, while Speed was upstairs, sick in bed. Someone rang my doorbell, and knocked. I told Ziggy to wait where he was while I went to the door. I listened as I walked for a delivery truck, as in common here, but heard none. I opened my door to see a young man standing there. He seemed nice, and a bit intimated by my grumpy, overtired state and joked about me not beating him up. He explained that he had to practice public speaking for a class, if I had a few minutes, it wouldn’t take long, since he had to be done at 2:45. Random. I told him I had two sick kids I was taking care of, and closed the door. As I was closing the door, I noticed another young man, dressed similarly, white, short-sleeved oxford shirt, who waved at one of us as he walked down the street.
I didn’t think much of it, made a facebook status about the oddity of it, and pretty much forgot about it. After dinner, people started commenting on it, and I got to thinking about it. One friend mentioned that maybe I should check with the school, since she had heard something about something similar.
I started searching the internet, and found similar incidents that turned out to be scams, like magazine sales scams and such. I didn’t give the guy any personal information, so I’m not worried about that. What has me concerned is the reports of people like this casing out homes. I’m not freaking out, insanely worried, because we do have an alarm system, and I am a gun owner, who is a pretty darned good shot, but I worry about other neighbors. Other people here who maybe did give out personal information, names or whatever.
I’m also doing a lot of thinking on that encounter. If he was in high school, something isn’t ringing true to me. He was very tall, over 6 feet, easy, but hey, some kids are tall. He also had a lot of tattoos. I don’t know, when I was in high school, a senior here or there had maybe one or two. I didn’t get a good look at his ink, as it was a minutes long meeting at my door, not even fully opened, but it seemed to be a lot of ink for a “kid”.
I don’t know. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe this is just my suspicious nature. I am, however thinking about how to call the sheriff’s non-emergency number without sounding like a paranoid person.

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