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I am being compensated by Splash Creative Media on behalf of Life360 to write this post. The opinions contained within are mine and mine alone.

Today’s technology is great. I love that with our cell phones, we can keep track of friends and family. I was happy to try out the Life360 app on my iPhone. I am able to form circles for different groups of friends and family. In our circles, we can check in where ever we are and send messages to the whole circle, or just certain members.

What I love about the Life360 app is that on your map, it shows you crime alerts, and the sex offender notification is up to date.

It has an alert button to let others in your circle know that you need help. This is a feature that I love. Sometimes right before having a seizure, I’m not always able to yell out for help, but it’s my hope that maybe I could push the button, maybe. It sends out a notification to everyone in that circle, as well as a text and a phone call to let them know that I need assistance. Also after you’ve sent a notification that you need help, it’s a simple tap to call 911.
I also like this feature due to the fact that I’m home alone at night, and have an insanely active imagination!

In your profile, you can store a bunch of information, such as emergency instructions, medical conditions, allergies, doctors and what medications you are taking. This is also another feature that I love. I know that I should wear a medic alert bracelet, but I have not worn it in years. I have seizures, and far too many medical allergies to be walking around without some sort of notification.

It also shows police stations, fire stations and hospitals on the map, so if you’re out and an emergency arises, you can find your way.

The only draw backs that I noticed was the fact that the very first day, it killed our batteries, it seems to be fine now, but that first day, it drained them. Also, on iPhones, it uses Apple maps, which is not up to date. Years ago, the area behind my house was clear cut, and houses were built, and a new school was added to the neighborhood, on Apple maps, it’s all fields and woods, still. Luckily for Android users, they get to use Google maps, which is up to date.
One thing I do worry about is how easy it is to hit the alert button and call 911 with a simple tap. I know, above, I listed it as a huge plus, which it is. I do worry that my toddler will be playing with my phone, as he sometimes does, and he will summons emergency services to our home. I’ll keep the app in a folder one a screen away from his games, so hopefully, I won’t have to worry about it too much.

We are all enjoying staying connected with Life360, even my kids, who love sending me the “What’s for dinner?” message on their way home from school. I don’t even mind, because I can track their location and know that they’re safe, and not dilly-dallying on the way home!

You can also upgrade to Premium for real live-person assistance 24/7 in case of any emergency. You also get instant roadside assistance with premium, as well as help in any crisis situation.


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