Spring Cleaning Bug Bites

Things have still been quite stress-filled here. More things, and each day I’m coming to like 2013 less and less.

To fend off anxiety attacks, I’ve been on a mad cleaning spree. I spend many hours in my closet. I found so many outgrown little boy and little girl clothes. The boys clothes have gotten packed away and are in Ziggy’s closet until he grows into them. The little girl clothing will find a new home via #Give500. Additional items to be given are tons of baby clothes and other baby items.

I found a ton of clothes that don’t fit me anymore. I’m tired of holding on to things with the hope that maybe one day they’ll fit again. Things that don’t fit anymore or I don’t wear anymore found a new home in my daughter’s closet. She was quite happy.

I cleaned and organized the laundry room which had become a catch-all room. I also took care of Ziggy’s room, which is currently a play room for all the kids. I got rid of many toys, especially many outgrown baby toys.

I had my older two clean their rooms. My daughter was immensely helpful with the rest of the house too. She doesn’t mind cleaning bathrooms, and actually loves vacuuming!

I was also up until the wee hours of the morning checking out DIY home cleaning tips on Pinterest… DIY carpet stain removal scrubbing at 1:30am and DIY shower scrubbing after that is tons of fun… not really, but I was kind of impressed with the carpet stain remover!

I’ve done a ton of de-cluttering and it feels great.

Unfortunately, this morning I woke up with a sore throat, so I’ve had lots of snuggle time with Ziggy, and later, I’m hoping to start some crafty projects because I’m feeling kind of crafty.

Hopefully I can kick whatever is causing this sore throat before it turns into something worse!

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