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There are so many important people in the lives of my children, and we are so thankful for that. They so frequently spread cheer to us, and it’s now our turn to return that joy. Nothing makes it easier to do just that than Betty Crocker Cookies. Thankfully, all of my kiddos love baking Christmas Cookies.

While we were at Walmart picking up some great deals on Christmas gifts, I picked up some packs of Betty Crocker Cookies in some classic favorites.  With Walmart’s low prices, I couldn’t resist picking up more than one, can you really blame me?

My youngest goes to a great preschool. His teachers are incredible, and they truly care about the kids. All of the staff is great, and they make sure the students, and their families are happy. They plan fun activities for the kids, and include the families. It’s a really great place, and there are fewer places, and people with whom I’d love to #SpreadCheer. Ziggy decided to make smaller cookie packages for each of his teachers, and a larger one for the rest of the staff.


SpreadCheer2Excited to bake!

SpreadCheer3He’s so helpful!

SpreadCheer4He loved decorating the cookies!

SpreadCheer6One of the boxes for one of his teachers is packed up!



My older son had a fantastic teacher in second grade. She always kept a special place in his heart, and we are lucky enough to have her living right down the street from us. Not only was she a caring teacher, she is also an amazing neighbor. She has brought so much happiness to my son’s life, it’s our turn to Spread Cheer back to her, and her family. She had previously mentioned that their favorite cookies were peanut butter, so it was truly a pleasure to hand deliver them when they were still warm from the oven.

SpreadCheer5He loves to help in the kitchen!

SpreadCheer7Warm cookies all boxed up!  It was already dark, but we ventured down the street so they could enjoy fresh from the oven cookies!



Betty Crocker offers so many different varieties, from sugar cookies, to, I’m not even joking, I saw maple bacon cookies! You can create delightful trays of cookies for everyone on your list this holiday season… teachers, neighbors, coworkers, postal workers, everyone can get tasty treats. Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches make it super easy for you to deliver fresh-baked to everyone. Who doesn’t love baked goods that you make with love? Nobody! That’s the great thing when you #SpreadCheer. Holiday giving this year just got so much easier thanks to Betty Crocker.


Right now you can find a printable coupon for $0.50 off One (1) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix.

You can also find some fun printables. So, who will you #SpreadCheer with?


Right now you can enter two $20 PayPal Giveaways!

The first is a simple Rafflecopter giveaway-

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My second $20 Paypal giveaway is also simple!  Make a #SpreadCheer basket (make sure to grab some fun printables!), and post a picture of your delivery on your social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram).  Nominate two of your friends to #SpreadCheer, and use the hashtag spreadcheer.  Don’t forget to tag me, OvertiredMommy or leave the link to your post in the comments of this blog post so I can check it out!

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