Speed Says: Homework Edition

This melted my heart so completely, I feel so appreciated by my sweet boy!
As always, spelling, translations and my little notes are in parenthesis.

I Love my my Mom because she cooks Nice. She also takes Kare (care) of me and Icobod (Ichabod is the class owl… a Webkins). She also takes Kare (care) of my family. I also Love her because she gave Birth to me. She also lets me go outside (not sure why I wouldn’t!).
She lets me play the Wii. Other parents could just say No. She is really nice. She let me have a Brother (awwwww!). She is also truthful.
She also does Not let us get our frends (friends) sick when I’m sick. She lets me get menberships (memberships…to online sites like Club Penguin) even when other Parents say no. So when we get hurt she gets me Better. So if I’m Bleeding she bandagage (bandages). She also gets me to my docter (doctor) apontments (appointments) in time. If I get seresly (seriously) hurt she would bring me to the Hospatal (hospital).


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6 thoughts on “Speed Says: Homework Edition

  1. That is so sweet. My little guy is 4 and I can’t wait until he starts writing me those sweet little notes! Precious!

    From the Alexa Blog Hop

  2. I love saving love notes from my kiddo! Sweet! Visiting you from the Alexa blog hop! I hope you can drop by for a visit! & help my ranking 😉 Going to look around on some other pages. Have a great day!

  3. Aw, so cute!!! I don’t have any children yet, but it’s little things like this that make me look forward to one day, hopefully, being able to have a family!

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