Sleep Sound Therapy System Review

I received the Sleep Sound Therapy System and was immediately impressed with it.  It looks like a “grown up” device, which I like since we are cosleeping.  I also love the fact that it has 10 different SoundStories.  I was worried that because Bam has been listening to the same lullaby tune for a year that he wouldn’t be able to adjust to something new.  I’ve discovered that we both relax and are able to sleep to the train SoundStory.

Our Magic Sleep Machine!

I love the fact that it has a timer that you can set to shut off after 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

It also has some really great settings that I adore.  I enjoy the Richness setting.  It adds depth to your chosen sound by occasionally adding in other noises.  The higher you have it set, the more detailed your added noises are.  Like I mentioned, we both like the train SoundStory.  I have ours set on high, and we occasionally hear the train whistle, and even here the dinging of the signal as we’d approach a railroad crossing.
I love the Adaptive Mode.  When it’s on, there’s a small microphone in the unit that picks up on exterior noises.  It raises the volume or adds in noises from the richness setting to compensate.  I love it because even when the air conditioner or heat comes on, we can still hear our SoundStory.

We love our Sleep Sound Therapy System.  It works wonders in helping get a fussy baby to sleep, and it drowns out the noises of my new loud neighbors.  I’m sure their nice people, but they’re active at night, and don’t quite grasp how close our houses are, and how much the sounds travel.  Our Sleep Sound Therapy System has definitely eased us back to sleep on a number of occasions.

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