Sickies Be Gone!

I don’t know what’s going on this spring, but I am not happy about it. Saturday night, when I went to bed, Ziggy’s tummy was making a lot of noise. He had some gas, but I was still worried and didn’t fall asleep. I grabbed the sick bucket and sat in bed watching a variety of funny YouTube videos. Around 1:30am, Ziggy sat up in the bed, and he didn’t look right. There’s something to be said about mother’s intuition, because I grabbed the bucket and placed it under him, just in time, saving our bedding and pillows.

It was horrifyingly violent, and he screamed and cried in pain with each bout of sickness, to the point that he woke his sister, who cautiously approached the door because she thought he was being murdered. I assured her that he was just really sick, and told her she could turn up her music and close her door, and she quickly retreated.

He could not keep any medicine down, and was horribly sick every 15-20 minutes. I need to thank Netflix for carrying Special Agent Oso, which kept him still and occupied between bouts of sickness. One floor scrubbing, two loads of laundry, three showers, and many hours later, he blissfully fell asleep holding my hand. Unfortunately, he was on his back, and I was terrified. Each earlier attempt to roll him, made him nauseous. Because I’m an incredibly paranoid Mommy, I sat up and watched him sleep. Each muscle twitch had me reaching for the bucket, just in case. After several episodes of That 70’s Show and a few episodes of Three’s Company with no vomiting, I laid down and carefully placed my hand on his arm. I slept for about an hour before my husband came home and woke me to check the status of Sick Ziggy, and let me know he bought Pedialyte, crackers, medicine and other stuff. I got a couple more hours of sleep before Ziggy woke for the day, begging for some more “soda” (ginger ale, which is a rare treat).

We went downstairs while my husband caught up on his sleep, and my daughter made me some coffee while I got Ziggy some Pedialyte, and he munched on some crackers. He seemed to be pretty normal, and I wondered what he might have eaten to cause an upset stomach the night before.
We got some fresh air, and played outside and even went for a walk.

After dinner, I caught a little nap, and woke up feeling refreshed. The boys were upstairs playing when Ziggy started crying, a horribly devastating cry. Hubby and I bolted up the stairs. Poor Ziggy was now sick from the other end, and had had an accident in his pants. We tried to reassure him that it was okay, and accidents happen, but he was still upset. Hubby showered him while I disinfected everything.

Now I know that it’s probably more than just him eating something that didn’t agree with him, and more than likely a bug, so I’m praying that no one else gets it, and he gets better soon. I’m also hoping that it’s all in my head that my stomach feels “off”, because Mommy’s are not supposed to get sick!

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