Sick Days

The Plague has come into my house. It started with GG, who never gets sick. She felt horrible, and nearly lost her voice. On Tuesday the baby has his 15 month visit and was doing great. Tuesday night, we went to bed, and he woke up screaming and crying every 15-20 minutes. When he did sleep, he was literally all over the bed tossing and turning. Then up again. In the middle of the night, it was like someone hit a thermostat and I felt his temperature go up. Wednesday through Friday he was all over the place, sometimes feeling perfectly fine and playing and laughing. Other times he was miserable and holding a 102 degree fever. We’ve been giving him acetaminophen and ibuprofen when he gets too bad, luckily he’s such a champ and takes medicine with no problems! It was also during this time that I got sick. It hit hard and fast… I was fine, then 30 minutes later I was so achy and so congested and miserable. His doctor initially suggested that maybe it was a reaction to the shots, but then we all leaned towards it being a virus since GG and I are also sick.
Saturday, Bam’s fever hit 104.2 and we headed out to a nearby walk-in clinic. The doctor took a quick look in his ears and told us they looked horrible. He’s on antibiotics, so we’re hoping he feels back to 100% soon. He’s having more frequent happy time now, so hopefully it’s a good sign. Incidentally, he’s still not sleeping much at night, but is napping multiple times a day.
Speed, who gets sick the most has only gotten the sniffles this go-round, and hubby had “a little bit of sinus pressure”. Lucky boys!

I am so ready for The Plague to leave my house, and have nothing but healthiness and happiness!

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