Shoulder Update

So, last year I went to a top orthopedic doctor who specializes in shoulders. I was diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis in both shoulders, and was given shots in my shoulder to help. I was told I was only allowed three shots per shoulder, and then my next option would be surgery. Obviously, with three kids, recovery from double shoulder surgery plus physical therapy isn’t at the top of my list of things I’d like to experience. The shots plus physical therapy actually helped and held me over for a year. The pain and loss of range of motion has been creeping back into my life. I didn’t really want to go back and be told that my only option was surgery, so I sought out a second opinion.
He looked over my records and X-rays from last year’s doctor and asked if I’d ever had an MRI, which I had not. He doesn’t understand how I could be diagnosed without an MRI. He did say that by looking at my X-ray that he sees that I have a decrease in joint space, which is considerable for someone my age. He does have a lot of respect for last year’s doctor and knows that he is a good doctor, so he is going to call him to see if there is something that he is just not seeing on the X-ray that I wouldn’t have needed an MRI for. In the mean time, he is sending me in for an updated X-ray to see if there has been any change in my joint spacing. He’s also sending me in for an MRI. He sent me home with a topical rub to try out.

I went to get my X-rays and did get a chuckle. The receptionist was admiring my tattoo with my kids names. She then looked at my husband and said, “And this,” indicating me, “is your daughter?” He was not nearly as amused as I was.
At my post-X-ray appointment, the doctor checked them over. Apparently, I don’t have that natural curvature in my neck that everyone else has. Also, I have a weird calcification shelf on my spine that he has never seen before. As previously mentioned, I have decreased joint space in both shoulders. Also, there are signs of beginning arthritis in my neck. He wants me to have injections in both shoulders every three months, and gave me a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory for break-out pain in between. I’m sad and frustrated that this is what it’s come to.
I’m frustrated that it’s painful for me to reach things on the top shelf of the refrigerator, and some days I just can’t. I hate that I have days when I cannot both wash my hair, and shave my armpits. Sorry for the TMI, but sometimes the arm lifting is just too much.

I have jiggly upper arms that I am desperate to do something about, but of course cannot at this time. Hopefully soon I can find a solution to my shoulder issues.

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