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As a mom, life can be pretty much the same thing day in, day out. Put on shorts, t-shirt, flip flops and go about the daily routine. It’s hard to feel glamorous… or even pretty when you’re scrubbing a floor, wiping butts, and telling people to stop picking their noses. Don’t get me wrong, I love my monkey slippers, but… they don’t scream, “I’m fabulous, darling!”
I’ve begun to realize that, yes, I have my roles as mommy, and wife… but whatever happened to the role of me? Feeling beautiful and wearing a nice outfit (or one that at least matched), and wore makeup (what is that?) and did my hair (when was the last time I picked up my brush?) I realized that it’s important for me to occasionally actually do something to make myself feel pretty… I need to do something for myself. Even if it’s not going all out.

The flip flops. I’ve had them… for… 7… maybe 8 years. Now, I know that’s impressive for flip flops. But they are just plain black flip flops. Nothing flashy… just flip flops. I decided that maybe, just maybe that that’s where I needed to start. From the bottom up!

When I was given the opportunity to review a pair of shoes from Shoe Dazzle, I wanted to die! Pretty shoes! I filled out my style survey, and waited while a personal Celebrity stylist (ooh! How glam does that sound!) picked out what was best for me, given my answers. When my results were ready, I browsed the shoes, the purses and the jewelry that were chosen for me, by a stylist. There were SO many gorgeous shoes! Many pretty purses, and some great jewelry to choose from. I decided that I would go ahead with the shoes. I had such a hard time deciding!

Shipping was SO fast! I’d picked the wrong size (flip flops are small, medium and large…) I was encouraged to go ahead and send those back, and they’d send me the correct size. It was hard to pack up the pretty shoes, but I did. Thank goodness for that speedy delivery!

I’d chosen the Costa. They are unbelievable! I love them. Just wearing them around the house made me feel stunning! My birthday is next month, and without a doubt these shoes will be a part of my plans!

Sexy Shoes

My hot shoes from Shoe Dazzle

Customer service is incredible. I absolutely love Shoe Dazzle! You get new choices each month, for less than $40! Really, you can’t beat it, and their style and selections are amazing!



I received a pair of shoes from Shoe Dazzle.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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