She’s My Star

At the beginning of the school year, my daughter joined the drama club. They’ve worked hard all year long. A few months back, they did a small play at a community event. The kids had a lot of fun with it.
This past weekend was there big end of year performances. She’s been putting in long days. Nine and a half hour days were common for her, then on Friday she was there for almost 13 hours. The kids were amazing. The play was cute, and original. I will fully admit that I got teary. I thought of her very first play. She was in second grade. They performed “Charlotte’s Web”. She played the role of Fern. She’s grown up so much since then, of course, although, I am just as proud of her now as I was then. When they got called out to take a bow at the end, I had to bite my cheek to stop the tears from spilling over, and I was especially glad that I had a restless baby fidgeting in my arms.
I so proud of her, and all the hard work she put into the play. I know that if she chooses drama again next year, she’ll shine. Hey, maybe she’s Hollywood-bound!

Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful baby girl is blossoming into an amazing person.

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