Senseless Tragedy

I live in a small-ish suburb of Tampa. It’s nice. It’s quiet. It’s close enough that we can do thing, but far enough from the crazy. Or so I though. It has been all over the news, not only locally, but nationally, and even internationally, that there was a shooting at the theater that we go to. Apparently, there was a couple in the theater, and during the coming attractions, they were texting. The alert sound disturbed the couple behind them, so they asked them to stop. When they didn’t the 71 year-old man, a retired police officer, went to tell management. Management, for whatever didn’t do anything about it, and upon returning, the argument escalated. The former police officer pulled out a gun and shot the man who was texting in the chest. Because the wife of the victim reached out for her husband, her hand got shot by that single bullet that killed her husband. Witnesses report that as he fell to the floor, he said he was texting his 3 year-old.

I am in shock over this story. I am sad that we live in a society where someone could get angry enough to pull a gun on someone for texting. I am sad that if this man had stepped out to the lobby to continue texting, he would still be here with his wife and child.

I can’t even imagine what was going through the shooter’s head. Nor do I even want to know. We went to that same theater for my birthday, and the man in the seat next to mine checked his Facebook from his phone throughout the entire movie. The light was a distraction and while I was annoyed, the thought of harming him never once crossed my mind.
Coincidentally, during that same movie date, Speed texted me during the movie because he missed me. I only knew because I felt my phone vibrate in my purse next to me. I looked at it, without removing it from my purse, just to verify that it wasn’t an emergency, and buried the phone further into my purse. Had it been an emergency, or something more serious, I would have stepped out to the lobby.

It’s scary that a man was shot to death at a place that I have happily taken my children. One of my kids have gone on a field trip there.

My heart goes out to the Oulson family during this difficult time. I just cannot imagine the pain that they are going through from such a senseless tragedy.

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  1. Oh wow–I can’t imagine. Sure, texting in movies can be mildly annoying, but I’ve seen countless people doing it…I cannot imagine what led the other man to shoot him. Scary!

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