Seizures are Scary

Well, they’ve started again. I was more than two years seizure-free. I hate seizures more than just about anything in this world. They hurt, they are scary, the interrupt my entire life. As I suffered through the focalized seizures, I got into my neurologist sooner than originally planned. He nearly doubled my medication, even though I have not gained any weight, so I should be in therapeutic range still.
I was out of it all the time. Mentally, I was not here. I could not make it through the day without a nap. I felt like garbage, all the time. I hated it. When the results of my blood work came in, they showed that my levels were now super elevated, which was no surprise at all. He did lower my dosage, but I still feel like garbage most of the time. The seizure activity has slowed, but mentally feeling off is really frustrating, and my hair is falling out. I’m tired of putting these chemicals into my body and feeling like this.
My seizures started 25 years ago. During that timespan, I have been on so many medications. They’ve not worked, I’ve had horrid side effects, and they’ve done bad things to my mind and body. Sixteen years ago, I was put on my current medication. It was great, I didn’t have any side effects. It worked well, except for when I gained weight and was pushed out of my therapeutic range, and when I had to come off it during my pregnancies. It worked well, until it didn’t. This is where I’m at now. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be working anymore.
I’m not going to lie, I am quite happy that Amendment 2 passed in Florida. I know that it will take while for medical marijuana to be available. If I could not take these chemicals that are destroying my liver, and doing who knows what to my brain and try something natural, to stop the seizures, I’m for it.

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