School Days, School Days

Sunday was filled with extra insanity.  We had still been unable to find uniform shorts for Speed.  Luckily, I did find some 4T khakis for him.  I would have preferred navy blue, but beggers can’t be choosers.
We also had to pick up a few last minute school supplies and  we had to go to visit with my mother in law because she had picked up some more school stuff for the kids.
We ran home to drop stuff off and managed to catch the end of the NASCAR race.  Speed was thrilled with Kyle Busch’s victory.
We took both older kids in for haircuts then meet up with my parents because they had even more school stuff for the kids.  My kids are pretty darned lucky to have such great grandparents.
We had to go to the grocery store, grabbed a quick dinner and home again.
Separating school supplies took longer than I anticipated, so there was a rush for showers and getting ready for bed after bags were packed and by the door.

They woke up early this morning.  Daddy made pancakes for everyone, so it was a pretty good start to the day.
Speed got a bit upset when his clothes weren’t in the right slot, but that’s the nature if his OCD.  It was okay, we just went over where his clothes are and he was back on track.  He did have his serious business face on and I couldn’t get a smiling picture from him at all.
We drove GG in for her first day.  I know that she was nervous, and I got emotional as we dropped her off.
We drove to Speed’s school and walked him to class.  He was the first one there.  He was so stoic as he picked out a cubby and put his lunch away.  He sat and quietly colored while we talked with his teacher.

We ended up picking GG up on her walk home.  She had more stuff than her backpack would hold, so we actually ended up having to go and buy her a new one already.
She had a good day.  It is a big school, but she likes it.  She did see two girls that she was friends with at her old school last year.
She it’s happy that she made the change.

We picked up Speed, and he was so happy and so full of energy.  The teacher had to make sure she had a good grip on his hand as he chased or car down in car line.  He also had a very good day.  The highlights included indoor PE, and snack time.

It was a busy day for both kids.  GG did end up getting a little emotional, but was fine after a few minutes.  Speed too far overly stimulated.  Even though he was perfectly fine for quite awhile, while I was making dinner, he reached his breaking point and had a meltdown of epic proportions.  It was so heartbreaking to see him screaming and crying.  This meltdown lasted for so long.  I know that it was a build up of anxiety and over stimulation from school, but it was still hard.  I know that it will get better as he adjusts.

Luckily, the rest of our evening went smoothly, and both kids fell into bed without a fight.

I’m hoping that the rest of our school year is also a success!

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