Reasons to be Thankful- Days 22 & 23

106)  I am thankful for the memories I have of my Mom.

107)  I am thankful that I got to have the time with my Mom that I did.

108)  I am grateful for quick shopping trips despite everyone and their neighbor being there doing their Thanksgiving shopping.

109)  I am thankful for my baby who falls face first onto pillows and laughs so hard.  It’s so cute and makes me laugh.

110)  I am grateful for my husband who loves me despite the fact that I can be completely neurotic.

111)  I am thankful for the two kiddos who helped me clean up this morning.

112)  I am thankful for the family that will gather in my home tomorrow for dinner.

113)  I am grateful for rolls of baby fat that are so ticklish!  Bam was so skinny for so long, and those big rolls on his legs are proof that he’s doing great.

114)  The smell of baked goods wafting from my kitchen.

115)  Watching my boys play together while I cook in the kitchen.  No screaming and crying is a good thing!

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