Reasons to be Thankful- Day 25

121)  I am thankful that Bam is maybe starting to feel better and slept almost through the night.  He only woke up when the new neighbors started banging things.  Seriously, I thought someone was in my house, not the next house over!  I am grateful for no more severe wake the baby up coughing fits, though!

122)  I am thankful that my older two didn’t fight with me last night when I requested an early bedtime for all because I was exhausted.

123)  I am thankful for leftovers!  Yummy!!!  Bam and I have been grazing all day long!

124)  I am grateful for the silly jokes my kids tell me, even when they’re cheesy.

125)  I’m grateful for a day when my kids and I relax together and watch a bunch of Disney movies.

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