Ready or not, here it comes!

I am in disbelief at how quickly Christmas is approaching. I feel so unprepared. The house is pretty much decorated. We haven’t hung the outside lights, because I really don’t want to climb out onto the roof and hang over the edge of the house to hook the lights on and hubby’s job has been busy. I’ve done a bit inside, but everything that is normally low has been either dragged around by Bam or is smooshed up on higher shelves with other decorations, out of baby reach.
This year we opted for an artificial tree. Hubby and I have always gotten a real tree. It was a tough decision, but several factors made me realize that this year we needed a change. We never had an issue with Baby GG going near the tree. She was just attracted to the ornaments, so we only decorated the top of the tree and it worked. Baby Speed had sensory issues. He touched the tree once, and never went near it again. We knew that Bam would be different. He has no fear of our tree and does try to grab the ornaments and the branches. We even went so far as to put it in the other room which is baby gated off from the general baby hangout area. I also didn’t want to deal with the pine needles this year. Bam puts everything! in his mouth. Even with the tree in the other room, the needles would get tracked in here. I can’t vacuum every hour, and don’t want to deal with a diaperful of pine needles, so an artificial tree just made more sense. Maybe next year we can trust Bam a little more and can resume our tradition of having a real tree.

There aren’t many more days left until Christmas. I should get the outside decorated. I need to wrap gifts, and hopefully get all the baking done that I would like to. I think I need more time!

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