Random Tuesday Thoughts

One week of school down, and I have sick kids.  GG has a cough, and Speed came home with a runny nose yesterday.  I was initially thinking maybe allergies?  Hopefully?  An hour after getting home Speed was lying down and didn’t even want to eat dinner… which is huge for him.  Two hours after getting home, he was miserable.  He had a headache and didn’t even want to stand up, body aches and didn’t want to move at all, he was a big snotty mess.  It was heartbreaking.  Three hours after getting home, he was out cold on the couch.  We did give him some medicine when his fever went up, and Hubby Man carried him up to bed.  He’s home sick today, and I’m bummed that he’s already missing school and that the germ-y sickies  are already going around.
Oh, as a bonus, Bam’s been throwing up.

Living in Florida, I am so glad that Irene completely missed us.  I am saddened because she wasn’t so kind to my hometown.  It’s just a small town, and it got hit hard.  Roads have been washed out, bridges have been destroyed.  It’s bad.  My heart goes out to my friends, my family, everyone there.
I’d been obsessively searching the internet for information regarding the damage there.  I kept finding things in which residents described how the water rose too fast.  They told of how you could hear large boulders knocking into each other as they got swept downstream.  It brought me back.  I remember living there, back in 1987 there was a bad storm.  I recall going with my Dad to check things out, and hearing that sound.  We’re talking huge boulders, just clunking around like marbles.  The power of the water is astounding.
My thoughts are with everyone who was affected.  I hope that the roads will be fixed soon, and all other damages repaired.

I’ve been sewing and fixing diapers.  Speed had a lot of cute cloth diapers, but the elastic was shot.  Now that Bam is big enough (the size Speed was when he was potty learned!), I’m replacing elastic in them.

Oh!  Yesterday I pulled a pair of shorts from Speed’s laundry that he’d worn last week.  They’re only slightly big on Bam.  They are size 18-24 months.  Yes… my 7 year old wore 18-24 month shorts last week.  He just now gave me permission to give them to Bam.

I’m going to be switching everything to a new server within the next couple days.  I’m hoping it all goes seamlessly, and quickly.  I’m being told it could take up to 48 hours, but hopefully no one will ever notice a thing has changed!

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