Random Tuesday Thoughts

~ Hubby has started a blog… he’s not ready to go public with it yet, so I cannot share the url.  He’s not even sure if he’ll stick with it.  He’s kind of issued a challenge as to who can blog every single day.

~ My older two are crazy-addicted to Nerf Guns right now.  They have so much fun running around “shooting” each other.  That’s another thing to keep them busy over the summer.

~ I’ve been on a crazy reading spree lately.  I’ve read Two Kisses for Maddy by Matt Logelin, and Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver.  Wow.  I also have the newest book in the True Blood series to read.  After that it may be time to look for more books.

~ I went through all of Bam’s old clothes.  He had so many NB, 0-3, and 3-6 month clothing that he never wore, or even wore only once or twice.  They were perfect condition and so cute.  It was a little heartbreaking, but I boxed them up, and sent them in to GG’s pregnant teacher.  She’s also having a boy.  I sent in 2 boxes, bags and more.  I’m not having anymore babies, so there was no sense in keeping stuff.  Of course now his 6-9 months clothing is getting snug.  🙁  My baby is growing up too fast.  Well, at least I know his stuff went to a good home.

~ I need a Nerf gun… just had an epic battle with one child and then the other.  I need to take them both on at the same time… somehow just throwing the dart with a hand isn’t the same.

~ I need to work on a site redesign possibly.

~ My Baby Legs Giveaway ends tomorrow!

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