Random Thoughts This Wednesday

– Both my boys have been sick. Speed was out of school four days last week because of it. Luckily he’s doing better, but the baby is still sick.
Ziggy is congested and snoring so bad at night, and not napping during the day. He’s restless, and I’m only averaging a couple hours of sleep a night. Currently, he’s a hot snotty mess. Thank goodness for Boogie Wipes. Seriously. He fought me about nose wiping earlier this morning, but now comes up to me and says, “Wipe!” when his nose gets too runny.
Nights are always worse, including a few nights ago when the baby decided at midnight to cover me and the bed in sick. Sometimes I really hate that my hubby works nights. It took me more than an hour to get the baby bathed, the bed stripped and scrubbed, myself showered and the bed remade.

– My Dad has been having health issues. A few years back, he had open heart surgery… a 6-way bypass. He’s had many stents put in over the years. I’ve honestly lost count of how many. He recently went into the hospital again. He’s home now, but still hasn’t been able to return to work. He’s also still having a lot of pressure and chest pain. They’re also in the middle of a move, so that’s been stressful for him.
I’m worried about him, and his health is weighing heavily on my heart.
I’m thinking that maybe one night soon (after their move), I’ll find a good diabetic-friendly recipe and have him and my step mom over for dinner. I’d like for him to just relax and spend some time with his grandkids for a bit.

– My hair hasn’t grown at all in quite awhile. I’m kind of getting tired of it and am contemplating cutting it again. I wish I could pull of something like Miley Cyrus’ new ‘do.

– I’m still in hardcore disbelief that my baby will be two on Friday. I’ve purchased all his gifts. Additionally, we have a ride-on Thomas the Tank Engine that belonged to Speed. I’m thinking the night before Ziggy’s birthday I’m going to haul it downstairs as a big surprise. Speed will actually probably be jealous, but he’s too big for it now.

– I’m still working on the #Give500 Project. I just have not had time to count things. I keep tossing things into boxes. Sick boys haven’t given me much extra time. Hopefully after birthday week, I’ll have more time. Not to mention the fact that Ziggy watches me closely and suddenly wants to play with ALL THE TOYS! There was a tiger sitting in the corner for weeks and he didn’t touch it. Today I picked it up and tossed it into a giveaway box and he flipped out. Hopefully with all his new birthday loot, he really won’t notice all the toys that he hasn’t even looked at in months are going away.

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