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– I’m restarting my #Give500. I felt odd that I started it late last year with a goal of completing it by the end of the year, but didn’t meet my goal. Carrying over what I gave in 2012 made my OCD-side twitchy. I’m just going to start over. In 2012 I gave 81 items. I need to step that up this year, for sure.
It’s a good thing that I’m on a spring cleaning kick.

– Do you know what sucks? My husband working nights. The other night I was standing at the sink cleaning up. I had the water running and the disposal going. I suddenly had the weird thought, “If something happens right now, I might not be able to hear it.” Then I heard a loud bang right behind me. I jumped and turned. There were no kids behind me. The baby slept on the couch, Speed quietly did his homework and I could hear GG singing in the shower upstairs. My heart pounded in my chest as I wondered what on earth that noise was. I still don’t know. I’m thinking that maybe my ice maker dropped a load of ice in the freezer, which is right next to the sink. Maybe? Hopefully?

– Relactating is not going as well as I had planned. I’ve discovered that I’m missing some vital parts to my pump. I did not once come across them while spring cleaning. I’ve been having to rely on Ziggy, so hopefully we can get the supply back up.

– Speaking of relactating, I feel like the world’s biggest dork. I’d been drinking tons of tea at night lately. I’d checked out some of the teas to see if they’d interfere with anything, but then stopped checking. And I started drinking a peppermint blend. One day I was checking out facebook and one of the breastfeeding support groups that I like had a mama asking how to dry up her supply because her little one was done. Many many people suggested peppermint tea.

-Speaking of things gone missing… In addition to my pump parts it seems that a number of important things have gone missing lately. Hubby is missing the ear pieces to his bluetooth device, and I am missing the strap for my heart rate monitor. I’m really upset over that, and cannot imagine where it is. I like seeing my workout progress.
There are other items, but those are the big three right now.

– I banged my right elbow and wrist a number of times yesterday. Today I have a lovely bruise on the outside of my wrist, right where my wrist rests on my laptop while typing.

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