Random Babblings of a Zombie Mommy

This week has been a busy one. Mother’s Day was nice. GG made me breakfast in bed- french toast, and she didn’t smoke the kitchen up too badly. She also took me out for Starbucks and we came home and watched “Pet Sematary”. She’s on a scary movie kick, and last weekend had we watched “Carrie”. I am very selective in what I’ll let her watch, nothing that will cause her to have nightmares, and nothing with tons of sex in it, obviously.

I quit drinking soda weeks ago, but slipped up when we went out to dinner. I had an upset stomach later, but that might have been the fried cheese that I couldn’t say no to.

Tuesday was very busy, one kid had an appointment, and then all three had their 6-month check and cleaning at the dentist. The kids did great, and have no cavities! We were worried about Ziggy, while this wasn’t his first appointment, the other’s have been very brief. This time he actually got his cleaning. When we laid him down, his little eyes filled with tears, but I sat down with his and rubbed his leg and he was fantastic. The cleaning was a breeze, as was his check. His lip tie doesn’t appear to pose any problems, and he should outgrow it. Also, his 2-year molars are fully in, so no more teething!

This week has been Teacher Appreciation at Speed’s school. In thinking about it, we’ve been very blessed over the years. All of the teachers that Speed has had have been amazing. GG has had some pretty great ones as well.

This week Speed’s school has also been having a food drive. If they bring in a specified food item each day, they get to dress out of uniform, so Speed has been enjoying that.

GG was in a Book Battle against other schools. Each person on the team had to read and remember details about certain books. Her school didn’t win, but it was a fun experience for her.

All week I’ve been battling a sore throat and sinus thing. Not fun.

Oh, and apparently Ziggy has decided that once a week it’s fun to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, throwing up everywhere. So, I’ve been doing laundry since 5am. Even though it’s not pleasant, I still have zero regrets about co-sleeping. Actually, if he wasn’t right next to me, it would have been a lot more laundry. A Mama can be quick with a bucket sometimes.
Luckily, my older two are pretty self-sufficient in the mornings when I’m a Mommy-Zombie. Also, luckily the baby and I dozed off after they’d left and got a couple solid hours. Well, he did… I was still jumping awake each time he moved.

Both older kids are away for the weekend, so here’s to hoping the baby and I have a nice quiet, uneventful, healthy weekend!

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