Paw Patrol and Dora and Friends

Disclosure- The product has been provided by VTech so I could experience it with my family; however, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Ziggy has been loving his tablet. It has been a great source of entertainment, and learning. It has kept him occupied while I’ve been trying to get things done, like make dinner or do laundry. I love having him help me, but sometimes I just need to hurry and get things done.

I don’t stress about him having too much screen time because he is learning while he plays.

We were sent Paw Patrol- Pups Save a UFO and Dora and Friends- The Search for Mono. Ziggy has had so much fun trying out his new games.


Paw Patrol is one of his favorite shows, so I knew this game would be an instant hit. This game helps with Problem Solving, Sequences, Classification, Color Patterns, Memory, Reading and Creativity. There are many fun games for him to play as he helps Ryder and the Pups help an alien ship in trouble. He gets to help find the energy cubes all over Adventure Bay to fix the ship to help the aliens get home. He loves the fact that he can make badges with his favorite characters.

In The Search for Mono, Ziggy gets to help Dora and Friends with a little boy who has lost his toy monkey named Mono on the train. The Search for Mono helps kids with Problem Solving, Map and Memory Skills. It also helps with Social Studies, Teamwork and Helping Others.

He loves getting to play fun games on his very own tablet, and I love that he learns while he gets screen time!

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