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Normally, I wouldn’t be linking to an article from The Daily Mail, but having a 13 year old daughter, this article kind of shook me to my core. I was kind of sickened by how this affects a girl’s body image at such a young age. I’m absolutely disgusted that boys this young would have such expectations.

I’ve always stressed the importance of monitoring your children’s online activities, and this is just proof that even parents of “good kids” need to be watched. This is something I really feel strongly about, especially given the articles that were passed my way.

Destroying Body Image and Expectations

Here is another article that was brought to my attention as I was typing this post.

This truly terrifies me. The internet is a horrifying place, and we need to keep our children safe from the dangers that lurk there.

Sex is a beautiful thing, but the internet is not the place for children to be learning about it. The sex that can be found online would be enough to give me nightmares. Please, keep your kids safe. Monitor what they are viewing. Check out their browser and search histories. Don’t let them learn about sex online, and explore alone.

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