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Disclosure- I received a product sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

I just love Noodle & Boo products. When I was pregnant with Ziggy, I was sent a bottle of their Elasticity Oil. It was wonderful. My loving husband gave me massages with it, I rubbed it on my belly nightly, I poured some into the bath frequently. It smelled amazing, and left my skin so soft.

noodle & boo

I was recently sent some Noodle & Boo Baby Balm, Noodle & Boo Bouncing Baby Bubbles and Noodle & Boo Extra Gentle Shampoo to try out with Ziggy.
Ziggy has Eczema on his scalp, so it’s important to use mild products for him. The Noodle & Boo Extra Gentle Shampoo is so delicate on his sensitive skin. When using it, he hasn’t had any flare up issues.

Ziggy love to take a bubble bath in my tub, so he loves the Noodle & Boo Bouncing Baby Bubbles. Nothing makes him happier than seeing me fill the bathtub and grab the Noodle & Boo Bouncing Baby Bubbles. I get bonus mommy points if I turn off the lights and toss in a couple glow sticks! I love how soft it leaves his skin, and the scent is delightful.

The Noodle & Boo Baby Balm is heavenly! Ziggy may be a preschooler now, but this lotion makes him smell like a teeny tiny newborn again. I rub some on him after his bath, before bed, and during our bedtime story, I can’t help but continuously sniff his head and reminisce.

I absolutely adore Noodle & Boo for my sweet boy, and am so thrilled that I was offered the chance to try them out with him.


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