My Kids Love #CypherKidsClub Augmented Reality #CBias

All three of my kids are always looking for the latest technology, well not the baby so much, but he does enjoy the latest technology. I have a number of apps for him on my iPhone.

When I was asked to try out Cypher Augmented Reality Cards, I was pretty excited about it. I had recently learned about what it was when Speed got some with a gaming system.
I love the fun 3D interactive graphics of the Augmented Reality Cards.

Cypher Augmented Reality Cards are sold at select Target locations, so while we were there, I took a look at them. I knew that Speed and Ziggy would like them, and I figured GG might also get a kick out of them. I was tempted to get the letters or numbers cards to help Ziggy learn, but since they are listed as being ages 3 and up, I figured I would get the Wild Animal Adventures Pack, that way all three of my kids would be able to learn and enjoy them.
Cypher Augmented Reality

When we got home, I downloaded the free app to my iPhone. It’s also available for the iPad and iPod Touch. I registered with #CypherKidsClub and spread out the cards. Ziggy, of course, grabbed the monkey card while making monkey noises. He sat and watched the 3D monkey on my iPhone while the other two watched and learned some interesting little facts. Afterward, Ziggy continuously tapped the monkey for more than 5 minutes just to watch it jump. Every time the monkey jumps off the screen, Ziggy asks “Where it go?” This is huge considering that just a few months ago he wasn’t speaking much at all. The older two laughed hysterically as I moved my phone around and made it appear as though the monkey was hanging out on my husband.
Available at Target
Cypher Entertainment
I did have a hard time testing out the other learning cards, because Ziggy was absolutely crazy about the monkey and screamed every single time I tried to grab another card.

My kids are definitely now Cypher Kids, and I can’t wait to buy more cards. I know that Ziggy will love them, and GG and Speed will love helping him!

Augmented Reality Cards

You can see more of our fun shopping trip at my Google+ Story.

You can learn more on the Cypher Entertainment Twitter and Facebook pages.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Cypher Kids Club #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.

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