Memory Lane Mondays~ 1/17/11

Zealand HutOne of the best school trips from my memory would be the overnight trips we would take to Zealand Hut.  We’d hike way out into the forest to this hut, and while there we’d hike the trails and hike out to falls.  I remember us girls sneaking into the boys sleeping quarters, and the boys sneaking into the girls sleeping quarters.  I remember crazy games of Truth or Dare, nothing crazy bad, just silly kid things about crushes, and dares to kiss someone, which always resulted in a quick peck on the cheek and both kids blushing while everyone else Oooh’d.While that was all fun, I really enjoyed the nature aspect of the trips more.I remember just feeling so at peace with nature, being surrounded by the wilderness.  The amazing fresh mountain air… wading and swimming in the cool mountain streams… I remember the Hut staff making incredible meals for us.  It was just amazing.I do still have some super blurry pictures from those trips of my friends and I darting through the woods and just having so much fun.

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