Memory Lane Monday~ 1/31/11

Here is a post from an older blog from exactly 5 years ago today!  He’d just has a tonsillectomy.

  • Jan. 31st, 2006 at 9:08 PM

Well, Hubby’s surgery yesterday went well. He was very out of it all day, and slept all day. He ate a little jello and soup during the day. By the evening, he was starving, and jello and soup were not cutting it, so I made him some perogis. He managed to get a few into him. This morning I made him some scrambled eggs and he ate them all. He’s also managed to eat lots of pudding, and more eggs. He’s still very sore and has a hard time swallowing due to the swollen uvula. I don’t think that he’s had to take as many percosets today, so the pain can’t be all that bad.I was laughing at the instruction sheet… it says he has to stay in bed for 5 days… that is so not my husband! Sure enough last night he ventured out to the couch and dozed out here for a bit. This afternoon he also came back out here after informing me that our room desperately needed a paint job.I’m a little freaked out… he has a really bad burn on his lip and the insides of his cheeks… upon doing some internet research I discovered a small article about the heat from the cautering knife combining with the oxygen from being intubated and it causing a fire during surgery!!! I am picturing this frightening spontaneous combustion-like even occurring with my husbands mouth while everyone in the OR yells “Crap!” It’s a rare occurrence, and I’m not even sure if that’s what happened or not, but it still freaks me out.Keeping the kids from bothering him has proven to be difficult. They know that something is up and therefore are acting out. It’s been craziness, trying to take care of my husband and keep the beasties under control, while trying to keep my house livable and do laundry… those diapers don’t wash themselves!Oh the plus side Hubby’s snoring seems to be a bit better… hopefully it will improve even more once the uvula swelling goes away.I have gotten a glimpse as to what it might be like if Hubbster went over the road. I’ve pretty much been the sole caretaker… the only difference is that if he went OTR I wouldn’t have to shush them and shoo them away from the bedroom every 15 minutes! LOL!I am definitely looking forward to some good sleep though!!*yawn* Off to make some tea!

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